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Military Surplus

  • Nobody offers more when it comes to military surplus.
  • We offer the largest, most complete military surplus selection in Central Virginia.
  • Not only do we have the "Right Stuff", we have the "Real Stuff"!

Whether you’re a fisherman, hunter, scout, camper, backpacker, hiker or adventure traveler, see HSO first. You’ll save a bundle!

Office Furniture - New & Used

  • Hull Street Outlet, your best source for outstanding value in used and new office furniture.
  • We buy office furniture in large lots from big corporations and government agency’s that are moving, remodeling, merging or rebuilding.
  • It's all quality, well built office furniture in all styles, colors and designs...at a fraction of what it cost new!

Foam RUbber

We also carry cut to size foam rubber. We custom cut foam rubber for

  • furniture cushions
  • boat and camper seats
  • replacement cushions
  • sound absorption
  • mattress tops
  • whatever you need foam rubber for any shape, in the best upholstery density.


Office Furniture

Foam Rubber