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Hull Street Outlet

Sam Finn & Others
Jack Grady - Sam Finn - Doc Goldstein

Freddy, Chris and Jerry Finn
Freddy Finn – Chris Finn – Jerry Finn

In 1942, Sam Finn opened a military surplus store at the corner of Hull Street and 17th.

He was a man who knew value.

From its inception in the days of WWII, Hull Street Outlet has offered its customers quality with economy.

Beginning with military clothing and footwear early on, Sam went on to be the first retail merchant in America to offer custom cut foam rubber to the public.

In 1952, Sam moved his store just south of Richmond to the present site on Jefferson Davis Highway.

After ten years, Sam built a much bigger and better store on the south end of this site which still remains our home.

Today, Hull Street Outlet is owned and operated by Sam’s boys who still carry on the tradition of quality with economy.

With Central Virginia’s best selection of military surplus, camping equipment, adventure travel gear, custom cut foam rubber, and fantastic savings on used office furniture for your home office or workplace, come and see us.

We’re Hull Street Outlet and we’ve served our customers for over 60 years.